Email Marketing

Grow your business with powerful email marketing tool by UseINBOX. Send personalized, scripted and fruitful e-mail campaigns! Use our powerful infrastructure for high inbox rates.

Powerful automation for marketers

Send personalized, scripted and fruitful email marketing campaigns! Use powerful tools for high inbox rates.

Starting from a simple welcome message to a complex set of customer-loyalty-increasing applications, you can automate many programs. Since now it is easier to create, apply and track new campaigns, you can focus on analyzing the results and get better for the next campaigns.

Advanced analytics to grow your business

Get valuable insights from every campaign you send with interactive reports. You can track your sending simultaneously thanks to UseINBOX‘s advanced reporting system. You can then evaluate your campaigns by delivery, open, read and click-through rates, as well as with statistics based on location and devices.

From the moment you send your email campaigns on UseINBOX, you can track them viareal-time. All the details are instantly provided by reports in the system.

You can categorize the subscribers by tracking and analyzing their click-through behaviors. It helps to you create more personalized lists and campaigns. Also, you can track the image content in the e-mails and get reports with UseINBOX.

Email marketing is the use of email for promoting your products or services. It is used to improve relationships with your potential customers, inform them and more.

You can use email marketing to build trust with your customers to turn them into regular customers. Email marketing is also an effective way to inform them about the new sales and the promotions you offer. Your loyal customers want to keep up with you. According to the report, 28% of US online shoppers subscribe to emails to stay informed on brands that they care about.

Did you know that 94% of internet users are users of email? That means, email marketing lets you communicate with almost all internet users even if they do not have social media accounts.

There are many email marketing softwares and automation tools out there. INBOX, one of the strongests,  can be used for sending emails and monitoring how your subscribers react to your emails. Besides that, you can also track analytics of click-through rates, open rates, bounce rates and conversions with INBOX . What INBOX has to offer other than regular email marketing platforms is the compliance with CASL. INBOX promises the convenience provided for CASL compliant permission-based email marketing.

Some of the advanced features that is offered by UseINBOX are in the below list:

  • Simple automation – triggers
  • Easy subscriber management
  • Advanced campaign reports
  • Perfect newsletter design
  • Free analyzation for bounces and email verification
  • Easy integration with API
  • Smart sender reputation
  • Web forms
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Grow your business with powerful email marketing tool by UseINBOX. Send personalized, scripted and fruitful e-mail campaigns! Use our powerful infrastructure for high inbox rates.

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