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We make sure your website is optimised for maximum exposure to search popular engines by taking care of the on-site SEO and best practices right out of the gate.

519SEO Tracking

Great SEO strategy brings together code, content, and context to make you discoverable and valuable to your customer.

Focus on keywords and rankings, and you risk missing the SEO forest for the trees. Search tells a story: about your brand, your offering, and your reputation.

Search engines put human users in control of how they research, learn, and buy – and there lies the opportunity and the challenge. Make yourself a relevant, informative source for searchers, and potential customers will quickly come to trust you (maybe even love you). Mismanage your SEO and you become an irritant, or worse, invisible.

SEO throws up new technical challenges all the time, from algorithm changes to the impact of voice and AR/VR. And a good SEO agency naturally lives and breathes the technical stuff.

Rankings matter, but SEO is not just about what ranks where. It’s organic marketing – it’s about how content, user experience, and earned media combine to make your brand discoverable and attractive to your audience. That kind of holistic thinking demands not a technician, but a partner – which is exactly what 519Design strives to be. 

4 Ways How To Write SEO-Friendly Contents

With using headlines and sub-headers, your writings become skimmable and so they will be easier to read. And also, the keyword saturation is increased by using them.

Nowadays, Google is giving priority to longer articles, but if your article is too long, then your readers will get bored then you lose your readers.  You should keep your articles longer than 300 words.

Before starting to write an article, you should make a decision about which keywords you want to incorporate to the article. You can get help about this from a marketing service or instead, you can do it yourself with a base on the results of planned keyword searches.

Images make your content interesting and shareable. Using relevant and attractive photos on your website makes people more likely to purchase from your company. You are able to optimize the images by adding keywords to the image files and also providing the ALT tags. Don’t forget optimizing the size of the images. Too large images will load slowly and hurt your SEO.

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519SEO Tracking

We make sure your website is optimised for maximum exposure to search engines by taking care of the on-site SEO and best practices right out of the gate.

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