The first thing people are going to encounter online regarding your business is your website and making a good first impression is very important. Because when you do that, more people enter through your wedding planning businesses’ door. As 519Design, we offer modern and professional web design for wedding planning businesses in London, Ontario with expert web designers of our team. Our aim is creating well-designed websites meticulously, according to our client’s needs.

We are a web designer team in London, Ontario. The services we provide are full web design services in one package. That means we market and develop, besides making web design for wedding planning businesses in London, Ontario. Please check below for the list of  our services that we provide for our customers:

Do you want a web site for your company?

Responsive Web Design

Your restaurant’s website design will be arranged to respond to your visitor’s behaviour and digital environment that includes screen size, platform and orientation. That means, your wedding planning businesses’ website works perfectly on different devices by adapting suitable codes for multiple formats.

Social Media Marketing

Social media advertising is critical for sticking in your guests’ mind and social media accounts of your restaurant might be the most cost-effective way of advertising your wedding planning businesses, if they are used properly.

CMS with WordPress

The most popular content management system is WordPress. Because, it’s faster, more flexible and easier-to-use . When you make a payment for our services, we provide WordPress services, too!

Logo Design

519Design offers services of professional logo design and
branding  for wedding planning businesses on time and budget.

519SEO Tracking

519Design provides that your restaurant’s website is optimised for maximum exposure on search engines for on-site SEO.

Email Marketing with CASL

519Design offers email marketing services for wedding planning businesses. Our email marketing service makes you able to grow your business with one of the best email marketing tools, by UseINBOX.